Most of us hate housework, I know I do.   Though eventually I have to give in to be able to move around the house or find something that I want.  It’s the same with computers, just much easier to do.

When you switch on a computer for the first time most people marvel at the speed that it starts up, imagining that it will always be like that.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth as over the years it will gradually get clogged up with more and more information, files, programs, pictures, emails, the list goes on.
Two programs that are very useful, but rarely used, come free with most computers.   Both programs can be found by pressing the “Windows Button” and then Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools.  The first one, Disk Cleanup, will check your computer for little used programs that you can uninstall.  The second is the Disk Defragmenter.
Over time as you add, modify and remove files, gaps of unused space develop between the files.  These gaps gradually slow your computer down, but the Defrag moves your files around to close these gaps.  This has the double benefit of speeding up your computer and often creating space.
One last piece of advice is to turn your computer off regularly.  This may sound obvious but many people, especially with laptops, only put them to sleep.  This is particularly common with laptops that go to “sleep” when the lid is closed.  This keeps files open that never get closed down and use up the active memory.  Shutting the computer down using the start button with the “shut down” option closes all these open files, and can keep the operating speed up on your PC.

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