Emailing Large Files

Large File Sending

One of the internet’s strengths is the ability to send large amounts of information almost instantaneously anywhere in the world.  However, it is very important to choose the right method of sending the information or you may cause more problems than you solve.

Photographs are the most common item being sent between family and friends, with real estate companies close behind as they send property details and photos to prospective buyers.  Photos can also account for some very large file sizes which can cause problems on email.
Many email programs have the option to automatically resize your photos before sending, which can save a lot time, and keeps the overall email size down to a minimum.  As a rule of thumb, you want to keep your emails to below 1Mb each.  After all, you may have a fast internet connection but the person receiving the email may not, and they won’t thank you for clogging up their emails while they wait for yours to download.
If you have too many photos to send, or you’re sending another type of file, you can use an online file sending service instead.  As web designers we often have to send large files to our clients, but we use dropbox to do it.  We’ve mentioned Dropbox before ( when talking about the Cloud.  Once you’ve uploaded your files to the dropbox public folder, you can then send the link via email.  That way the email goes faster and won’t fill up anyone’s mailbox.  They can then download the file when it’s most convenient for them to do so.
There are too many services to mention but putting the search term “send file email” into Google brings up a whole host of services for sending large files.
Some services like charge a subscription, while others like  are free up to a certain file size. A completely free service called offers transfers of up to 200Mb each, limiting you to 10 files daily.
It’s worth checking out the services listed on Google to find the one, or ones, that suit you.

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