Protect Your Data By Backing-Up

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In 1977 Ken Olsen, CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation said, “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.”  Now most homes have computers in them, especially when you add tablets and smartphones to the total.  To be fair he was referring to computers that actually ran the house, but at the time it still seemed unlikely that we would all be using computers on a daily basis at home in the way we do now.

But what happens when the computers go wrong?  How do you get your previous photos back of last year’s wedding, or the trip to Aqualandia when the family visited from the UK?  Unless you have a back-up then your files may be lost forever.
At the very least it is a good idea to back up your data (photos, documents, work information) onto an external hard-drive, so that if the computer goes wrong you haven’t lost your data.  When you go away on holiday, it is a good idea to give the external hard-drive to a friend to look after in case anything happens to your property while you’re away.
Another option is to use an online back-up service, and there are many available.  The ones listed below offer some free storage, with additional paid options if you need more. offers 10Gb of storage free.  What makes them different is that if you give them some space on your own hard-drive for storage, then you get more free space in return.  They refer to it as “paying with bytes”. give 8Gb free with unlimited storage offered at $10 a month. offer 5Gb for free that can be upgraded to a maximum of 20Gb with friend referrals.
The list goes on, and a google search for “free computer backup” will give you many more, but the benefits for using a back-up method, especially one that is “off-site”, far outweigh the extra effort involved in the event that your computer fails, gets stolen, or is damaged by fire or flood.

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