Too Quick To Click

How often have you put something down somewhere only to forget where?  How often has the computer “eaten” a file, photo or email?  In fact the computer hasn’t eaten or hidden anything.  It’s simply that you’ve accidentally told it to put your photo or file somewhere that you didn’t mean to.  The computer equivalent of mislaying something around your home.


Losing a file in the computer is easy to do because most us are a little “click happy” as we get used to computers.  When saving anything there is one golden rule to remember – Read The Screen and Stop Clicking.  Usually as soon as the save box pops up we click the save or OK button without looking at where the file was going.  Often it’s saved where we expected, but do not rely on it.  Always check that you don’t need to change the location and save yourself a lot of grief and frustration later.

If you have lost something then Windows comes with its own search facility.  Press the “Start” button and usually there is a search box at the very bottom.  Type a word, or part of a word, and without having to press Enter the computer will start searching for files that include that word.

Another useful trick is when you press the Start button sometimes there is a tab on the right-hand side of the menu box called “Recent Documents”.  Click on that and you should see the most recent files you’ve accessed or saved, so you can find the missing file, open it, and then re-save it where you wanted it.

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