What Is Blogging?


Blogging is one of those computer related words that has found its way into the news and even common usage, but it still a mystery to most people.  The word “Blog” comes from “Web Log” which was simply an online diary in the early days.  As time has gone on blogging has become much more and can be anything from a personal diary to a journalist’s own view of the world, and for some people, a way of earning a living.

The best thing about blogging is that anyone can do it.  There are many website based services that host blogs free of charge.  One such service, blog.com, say on their home page “A blog is your best bet for a voice among the online crowd.”  The Online Crowd in this case is also referred to as the Blogosphere.
Blogging about a subject that you feel passionate about can be extremely satisfying and, unlike social media, is available to anyone in the world.  The main thing to remember about a successful blog, is that they are usually about specific subjects.  Even if it is basically a diary, it’s normally still a diary relating to a subject, rather than every day-to-day activity in someone’s life.
The most well-known blogging service is blogger.com run by Google.  If you’re looking for hits from this search engine, then this would be the service for you to use, as Google do appear to favour their own services on their search results.
Simplesite.com is another free service with lots of attractive templates for your blog and takes you through the setup process step-by-step.
Blogging isn’t for everyone of course, but if you enjoy it then it can be a very rewarding hobby.

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